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Friday, May 29, 2020.   I used to associate Thoreau’s quote with time spent aboard our old Cargile Cutter Cruiser, “SunSmiles.”  And then, along came grandchildren.  Know what I mean?

Today, “SunSmiles” is history, the little Mainship 34T, “Slow Dance” has replaced “her,” and our grandchildren have reached the  age where Nana and Poppa are not their #1 priority — which means that the “channel in which our life flows” is evolving back to time split between grandchildren and cruising.  Now, it appears COVID-19 restrictions may dictate our summer 2020 destinations and schedule.  BUT, at least we have wonderful memories of summers past, and making plans for the future.

Have you planned your summer cruising or vacation schedule?  Will you be CruisingTheICW, cruising with your cruising club, or simply enjoying time on the water with family and friends.  At CruisingTheICW, we would love for you to share your favorite cruising destinations, marinas, restaurants, attractions, festivals and events, with us.

Here is a collage of pics from some of our travels.  Recognize any of them?

Where will your life be flowing this weekend?  This summer?

“Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows.”