Freeman Boat Works ~ A Family’s Realization of the American Dream


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July 29, 2020.  Jimmy Buffett wanted a fast, smooth-riding, fishing machine — which is precisely what Billy Freeman builds.  Making Buffett’s dream a reality started right here in the Lowcountry.

Last Mango

Billy Freeman does not build boats with a wheelhouse.  Jimmy Buffett wanted the Freeman ride and performance, but with a “house.”  Last Mango is a collaboration of two great companies — our hometown hero’s company, Freeman Boat Works and Merritt Boat & Engine Works, of Pompano Beach, FL.  Soundings Magazine, Power and Motoryacht Magazine, and Billy and Sally Freeman can tell the story much better than me, so I hope you enjoy the videos linked below.  Last, but not least, in the videos, watch for the increadible artistry of Fort Lauderdale maritime artist Monique Richter, who transformed the interior of the Last Mango’s cabin into beautiful faux teak finish.

As for me, I can’t wait until our son-in-law, a good friend of Billy and Sally’s, takes delivery of his new Freeman 37 next spring!

The Evolution of Speed ~ Jimmy Buffett’s Custom Freeman 42

Power and Motoryacht Magazine interview about Jimmy Buffett’s Freeman, Last Mango.

The “Last Mango” is truly a work of art.

Only in America could a young visionary start from scratch, teach himself boatbuilding, and achieve the success of Billy Freeman. 

The Freeman Story ~ Worth taking time to watch

 I will never forget one Sunday afternoon, a few years ago, when Carolyn and I stopped by stopped by Billy and Sally’s home, while cycling.  Billy took us into the garage shown in the video, to see the progress on his very first Freeman.

He is a Mount Pleasant “boy” that has done something incredible.  It’s the American dream!


“You’re never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.    You may have to work at it, however.”

From Illusions, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

By Richard Bach



In Memory of Captain Lucas McDowell Smith


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June 22, 1971 ~ July 20, 2011 

Nine years ago today.  Never to be forgotten.  



Although your smile
Is sorely missed
Fond memories linger on.
And when I think of
The times that we had
Only pleasant thoughts
Are known.
The sound of your laughter
Still rings in my ears,
It’s so sad in many a way.
But I know in the future
We’ll meet again,
So, I look forward
To that day.


This old world’s
Not the same
Without you my friend.
This old world’s
Just not the same.


“Fond Memories”


Dick Trammell


Spirit of adventure – pair killed in plane crash

Last Goodby to Dewees Crash Victims