“Thinking Outside the Boat” Clay Rice, Lowcountry Silhouette Artist, Writer, Song Writer, Musician


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Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Clay Rice is described by the late author Pat Conroy as a “great talent who combines soul and passion.”  That is a great description of Clay, the silhouette artist by day, writer and musician in his spare time.

Clay Rice art 1

As the grandson of Carew Rice, described by Poet Carl Sandburg as “America’s Greatest silhouette artist,” silhouette artistry is in his genes.  As a loving husband and father, Clay has published four award-winning, children’s’ books, and has traveled nationwide presenting school programs with life lessons on the importance of family, perseverance, hard work, imagination, and understanding that being different is okay. The Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma (WA) recently presented “Imagination Lives Inside of You,” a dance adaptation of Rice’s children’s book, The Stick.

The Jon Boat, is a beautiful ballad about fathers, sons, and a Jon boat, written and performed by Rice.  Another beautiful ballad, You’re My Island, was written to his wife.  Both songs are from his Songs from the Jon Boat, CD.

Clay Rice Songs from the Jon Boat

To learn more about Clay Rice, Silhouette Artist, Writer, Song Writer, Musician, visit the Rice Galleries website. America needs more down to earth, humble and kind artists like Clay Rice.

Sunday , August 12, 2018 “Thinking Outside the Boat” Picture of the Day


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CTs morning sky

Photographed by Carolyn Trammell ~ A beautiful sunrise illumination of a rainbow and clouds in the western sky over Charleston Harbor.

Coastal Sky

Have you ever seen 
A coastal sky
Just after a summer rain?
It offers a tranquility
That only nature can bring. 

And if you get lucky
And a rainbow appears,
Study the colors
Reflect on your years.

For too often it happens
In the fast pace we keep
We take time only to
Work, eat, and sleep.

Study the rainbow,
Marshes and sky.
Reflect on life’s meaning
Before time slips you by.

Think of loved ones,
Both family and friends.
Count all your blessings,
For wrongs make amends.

Life is to precious
And days go so fast,
Live each to the fullest
And learn from the past.

Study the marshes
The rainbow and sky,
Reflect on life’s meaning
Before time slips you by.

Dick Trammell