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Some things in life we never forget.  I will never forget the time I saw Aphrodite cruising north on the ICW.  According to the date on the two pictures that I took of her, it was Sunday, September 24, 2000.  Not long before, I had read a story of her being found wasting away on a canal in Florida.  As we cruised our restored Cargile Cutter,  SunSmiles south on the ICW behind the Isle of Palms, SC, I saw what appeared to be a black-hulled boat approaching from the south. As the gap between us closed, I realized it was Aphrodite!  I yelled for my wife to hurry and bring my old “point and shoot” camera to the flybridge! I only managed to get off a couple of shots before she was gone, in part because I was stunned to see someone onboard her taking pictures of SunSmiles – or my wife!  Here they were cruising on a piece of history, yet shooting pictures of our old girl?

Regardless of what they were shooting, I treasure the fact that I got to see Aphrodite on her way north to what would become an amazingly beautiful restoration.  Sadly, SunSmiles was not as fortunateOn March 21, 2013 the old girl was destroyed in transit to her new owner and homeport in Portland, OR. She and two tractor trailers were hit by a hurricane force wind twenty-three miles out of Laramie, WY. All three were rolled over and were a total loss.

In the August 9, 2017 issue of Sounding Magazine, the editors published another story about Aphrodite.  I sincerely appreciate their continued interest in this magnificent boat. It’s but one of the reasons I’m a longtime subscriber!  Hope you enjoy reading more about Jock Whitney’s incredible Aphrodite in their latest story, Sweetly Curved.

Learn more about this magnificent boat from the Soundings interview with Aphrodite captain, Kirk Reynolds.

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