Many years ago I discovered Beaufort, NC after my parents bought a little cottage on Harker’s Island. Beaufort was where we often came for dinner. Every time we walked past the Beaufort Town Docks, I dreamed of one day owning a boat we could cruise to the Docks. Last year that dream came true when we cruised Slow Dance up the ICW to Beaufort.

Our plan was to overnight in Beaufort and then continue up the coast. Once tied up at the Town Docks, we enjoyed the historic waterfront town so much, we ended up spending five nights “living our dream” tied up at the Town Docks.

One afternoon while cycling the town, we passed Anchors Aweigh Marine Consignment. Being a sucker for consignment stores, I had to check it out. Two minutes after walking into the store, I discovered the perfect old Man-O-War, cast aluminum footrest for my helm seat! Unlike those “froo froo” online footrests, the Man-O-War looks like it was made for a trawler. And I’ll admit, the name had appeal! I was hooked, every future visit to Beaufort would include a stop by Anchors Aweigh! After years of captaining 140′ oil rig boats in the Gulf Coast oil fields, Anchors Aweigh owner, Captain Ed returned to the North Carolna coast. For his first nine years “back home,” he was a relief captain aboard a 100′ head boat, out of Morehead City. When the owner sold the boat, the career captain and seaman launched a dream of his own. He saw a need for a store where boaters could sell or buy boating hardware and equipment. If not for Captain Ed, I would have probably never found my prized old Man-O-War footrest!
Don’t go to Anchors Aweigh expecting a West Marine environment. Captain Ed’s could easily say, “If we ain’t got it, you don’t need it!” Spend a few minutes listening to him answering customer’s questions and you realize that he pretty much knows where every item in the store is located! While the new US 70 bridge and bypass that recently opened may be a good for travelers wanting a quick ride around Beaufort, it has had a negative effect on the Beaufort store’s business. As a result, the Captain made the decision to open a new store in Havelock. Plans are to keep the old store open, and I’m hoping its business stabilizes and the old store remains open. It’ a long bike ride from Beaufort to Havelock!