Beaufort, NC.  Memories, so many memories of Beaufort, NC.  Years ago when my parents owned a little cottage on Harker’s Island, we had to drive through Beaufort to get to the island.  I used to stand on the bulkhead of Beaufort Town Docks Marina, admiring the beautiful cruisers that docked there, and dream of one day doing the same.  That’s why taking Slow Dance to Beaufort has such special meaning.

Slow Dance resting in her bulkhead slip.

An intriguing old cottage on Taylor’s Creek

Sunset at Beaufort Town Docks

Two fur-friends enjoy cruising on “Dad’s” Elco

A beautiful and beautifully maintained 1930 Elco

No better place for a cold Corona than with the captain of a 1930 Elco a 1930

The Admiral checks out estate sales even when cruising!

Bright lights, big boats