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April 11, 2020.  In 2016, while unpacking books in our new home, I came across my parents’ family Bible.  Inside the front cover a picture of Jesus, a cross stitched bookmark that read “Happy Easter,” and envelopes containing my parents’ certificates of baptism, stared up at me.

Family Bible and picture of Jesus

Easter was always special to Mother. Her mother had passed away soon after Easter in 1967.  Every Easter Mother honored her mother, father, and baby sister that died at birth, with flowers on their graves in God’s Acre Graveyard of New Philadelphia Moravian Church, in Winston-Salem, NC.  And yes, Moravians call it a graveyard, rather than a cemetary.  A Moravian graveyard is divided by a sidewalk down the middle, with women buried on one side of the walk, and men on the other.  The white, square, marble stone of every adult grave is the exact same size, and flat.  Children’s stones are the same, except smaller.  Moravians were – and still are – true believers in equality.  I used to tease Mother that our Moravian forefathers buried men and women apart so that each could truely “Rest In Peace.”

2017 Moravian Easter Sunrise Service from historic Home Moravian Church in Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC

Finding the family Bible and its contents made it seem as if my mom and dad were reminding me that meaning of Easter is about far more than bunnies, brightly colored eggs, and candy.  The find made Easter 2016 very special for me. I hope every this and Easter is special for you.

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter,

Oh Captain My Captain