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October 31, 2022. There are two towns called Beaufort on the ICW in the Carolinas. They are spelled the same, but pronounced differently. In North Carolina, the name’s pronounced ‘Bo-fert’ and in South Carolina it’s ‘Bu-fert.’ Why? Since I’m a native of NC, now living in SC, I’m not about to speculate, but talking with a few folks that were born and raised in the Lowcountry of SC might explain it. That’s not a derogatory statement, it’s all about historic accents in the coastal communities of the Carolinas.

This is a “Thinking Outside the Boat” photo post about a fascinating antique shop in Beaufort, SC. We discovered it when our Wild Dunes Yacht Club did a long weekend cruise to Beaufort for their annual Shrimp Festival at the beautiful waterfront park. bachelor hill antiques has many beautiful, traditional antiques that you might expect of a great antique shop, but it was the nautical antiques that had me aimlessly wandering in awe. If you’re planning a stop in Beaufort while CruisingTheICW, the shop is an easy walk from the Safe Harbor Beaufort Marina. Who knows, you might something beautiful and collectible for your boat or home. On your walk from the marina to the shop, you’ll pass some of the town’s most popular restaurants and a myriad of other shopping opportunities. Bu-fert, like Bo-fert is a wonderful, historic town that’s worth more than a day in your cruise plan.

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