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When you mention Georgetown, folks immediately think of the “trendy” Washington, DC suburb – for better or worse.  THAT Georgetown is a little too “whatever” for me.  It may be an okay place to have lunch or dinner, and ‘people watch,” but it doesn’t have Harborwalk Marina or the BIG TUNA!  Georgetown (SC), home of Harborwalk AND BIG TUNA, we love you, and we’re not alone!  Harborwalk and Georgetown (SC) are our weekend get away destination and our first overnight destination on every northbound cruise.img_4690

img_6168Yesterday’s travel up the ICW to Georgetown was our first chance to see the new Garmin electronics at work.  Beautiful and user-friendly best describes the touchscreen units at the upper and lower helms.  Now I have to learn all they are capable of!

Yesterday as we cruised by McClellanville, I asked CT to take the helm while I made a quick trip to the “facilities.” In an unusual turn of events, I didn’t get the helm back until we got to the Georgetown Harbor.  So much for being the captain!  I think maybe she was identifying with Saudi women finally getting the right to drive.img_6158

Harborwalk’s new docks are still under construction, but one new face dock and a beautiful new dockside office are complete and fully operational.  Dock Master, Chris Carroll and his crew are a credit to the town — warm and friendly service that let you know you’re welcome and appreciated.  By the same token, it’s hard to go anywhere in this Georgetown without getting into a conversation with locals that seem genuinely glad you “dropped by” their little Southern town.

As always, dinner was again at the BIG TUNA.  On a side note, eat your heart out, Steve Swanson!  THAT’S why I sent you the pic.  Kate said to tell Dock that he missed a great evening of treats galore, and a beautiful sunset. Kate wants Bucky to give her a job cleaning up the French fries that customers drop. Needless to say that customers that didn’t bring their dogs on vacation sure gave Kate a lot of love.img_6167

When we docked yesterday afternoon, we were tied up across the dock from the beautiful, 114’ Westport, “Integrity.”  When we returned from dinner, we saw the 110’, 1973 Burger, “Chanticleer,” and “Shear Water,” a beautiful sport fishing boat had docked for the night.  The Hinkley launch for the “Integrity” was bigger than “Slow Dance!”  Humbling, very humbling for our little Mainship!


img_6166Today, thanks to CT again having taken over the helm, I can finally complete this post that kept putting me to sleep last night.  Sure hope you can stay awake long enough to read it!

Fair winds and following seas.